Bone Tower – We All Will Die One Day

Release date: 11/5/2021

Label: No Funeral Records

From the artist: “Both sonically and lyrically, We All Will Die One Day represents a collective status of disarray. Challenging speed and complex rhythms serve to accelerate unfavorable emotions to the forefront of your mind. A raw and unfiltered byproduct of mental health in disarray and unfocused aggression, with no real direction on how to cope in a post-pandemic landscape.”

Indeed, with eight cuts in just over nine minutes, this album is a brutal roller-coaster that combines viciousness and creativity with cybergrind precision. Mangled Wounds leaves you with a nasty case of vertigo and the transition from The Sun to the the closer We All Will Die One Day is one of the more interesting transitions I’ve heard in 2021. The title track is 50 seconds of gratuitous death metal that shouldn’t be missed.

Listen to: 3, 8

FCC: 5

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