Burlington-based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jessica Amelia’s new 11-track album is delightfully quirky and still punk af*. It’s heartfelt, somewhat atonal DIY with unusual toy instruments and, if I’m not mistaken, actual wood-working tools, along with Amelia’s own unmistakeable voice. The songs all largely deal with issues of queerness, harassment and spaces — some safe, some less so.

All give you something to think about, and something to listen to outside the norm.

Find the songs online at

FCC: 7, 9, and 2 and 4 contain “f*ggot”

GMR: no

Play: 4 & 7 (bleep bleep), 8, 10

RIYL: Violent Femmes, folk punk

*That’s youngperson-speak for As Flippers (which are very punk, thanks for asking).

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