Full of Hell – Garden of Burning Apparitions

Release Date: October 1, 2021

Label: Relapse Records

Twelve songs in 21 minutes. This one comes at you fast and furious. Likely, the bands most extreme release to date, Garden of Burning Apparitions incorporates elements grindcore, noise, hardcore, death metal, and industrial music and reconstitutes them as something sinister, sharp, and dark. Checking in at under a minute, Eroding Shell is disorienting grindcore. During it’s brief runtime, it will absolutely destroy your ears, eyes, and speakers. Everything that you need or enjoy is going to be incinerated. Industrial Messiah Complex will ruin you. The lyrical content examines the commodification and weaponization of faith and spirituality. Reeking Tunnels has a punky vibe and functions as a foil to the cacophonous blasting on either side. This is a deep labyrinth of gnashing teeth and confusion, where we are all stripped down to our core – where violence is our only means of survival.

Listen to: 6, 9 & 10

FCC: None

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