Kaley Rutledge – Tender Heart [Tone Tree]

After years under the artist name De Joie, Kaley Rutledge is stepping out into the music world as entirely herself. In this debut record she takes you on a journey that strikes a balance between softness and grit, speaking sincerely about topics ranging from rediscovering lifeʼs simple pleasures to the pain of losing someone you love. The album is an anthem to the privilege of owning your full humanity. With the soul of Feist, the spunk of 1960ʼs pop, and the rhythmic wonders of the Bahamas – Tender Heart richly weaves its inspirations from those that know how to take us to a soft, beautiful place.
RIYL: Katy Kirby, Esther Rose, Jess Williamson, Ada Lea
Start w/ #2, #3, #4, #6, #7 | FCC CLEAN

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