Theory of Why – Pomegranate [Self Release]

From promoter:

“Some bands break up when members move across the country. Other times people embrace the distance. Theory Of Why is a cross country project that brings together two musicians who now live two thousand miles apart. The breathy guitar playing and the driving bass of Anton Kropp’s instrumentation and the ethereal, yet hopeful, Stereolab-esque vocals of Julia Nova reflect the experience of two seasoned musicians who cut their teeth in the DC indie and punk scene. With a hope to create music inspired by Hop Along, Stereolab, Wooden Shjips, and other seemingly inconsistent influences, Theory Of Why has a unique flavor that only comes with intent.
Anton and Julia met at the University Of Maryland’s college radio station, WMUC, but only began writing music together long after they left their home state. Anton now lives in Seattle WA and Julia lives in Springfield MO and both have a passion for local music, local radio, and an eclectic mixture of influences. Their third album shows a range of emotion working on these songs before and during the pandemic. “Pomegranate” channels the years existential dread into a minimalist, and at other times a maximalist, soundscape where the listener can escape reality and become engulfed in the sound. Following on their last EP, their newest album shows a maturity in recording, songwriting, and production, without losing the raw edges that make them human.”

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