Monthly Archives: July 2021

Nate Wooley–Mutual Aid Music

Varied works inspired by people helping each and the ensemble musicians helping each other–for strings, vibraphone, percussion, trumpet and others.

Death From Above 1979 – Is 4 Lovers

Release date: March 26, 2021Label: Universal Music Canada Death from Above 1979 is sleazy and primal dance-punk firmly rooted in the indie rock boom of the early 2000s. The band first gained recognition marrying monster distorted bass riffs and funk rhythms to devastating effect. Over the last 20 years, they haven’t strayed far from the formula […]

A Clarinet in America

Modern, gracious works for clarinet & chamber orchestra by Copland, Bernstein & Rozsa. Excellent!

Alien Stories

Highly varying works–loud and squeaky to melodic. Play most!

Robert Pollock–Entertwined

Very interesting, varied instruments, abstract, over a period of 50 yrs. Play!

Eric Lyon–Giga Concerto

A rewrite of Brahms op 105–jazzy, with drums and violin duo.

Simone Piraino–Verso la luce

Highly lyrical, mostly slow pieces for strings and piano. Play!

Gunnar Andreas Kristinsson–Moonbow

Abstract, slow works for strings and winds–interesting!

British Guitar Music

Gracious works, from Baroque to modern.

Lo & Behold

Percussion works (mostly drums) and accompaniment. Play!


A highly varied collections of pieces–lyrical to soundscapes, for strings, winds and electronics.

Douglas Boyce–The Hunt by Night

Abstract works, mostly intense but not all, for strings and piano, one with guitar.

Concertos for Mallet Intruments

For orchestra and marimba/ vibraphone or other percussion, all contemporary. Excellent!

Francois Couture–Door

Electronic based rhythmic drums

Alexander Mosolov–Symphony No. 5, Harp Concerto

Mosolov was considered avant-garde by the Soviets for earlier compositions. He was “rehabilitated” and these are the products. definit

Matteo Rigotti–So Far

A mix of works for different instruments, interesting combinations or solos, ranging from lyrical to ambient, all contemporary. Play!

Aaron Irwin–Music for Sextet

Melancholic, lovely vs. fun and joyful works, jazz-based with classical influences for winds, guitar

Ethereal IV

Kevin Kastning, Sandor Szabo and Balazs Major perform/compose these ambient improvisations for electric guitar, percussion and

Al-Andalus–Musique Arabo-Andalouse

Nice mix of Andalusian pieces from the 8th century onward for wind, strings and per

Juan J. G. Escudero–Shapes of Inner Timespaces

Electroacoustic (with piano), spacelike, sci-fi, soundscapes. Play!

Three Tributes

Contemporary works for ensemble, chamber orchestra or piano 4 hands all commissioned by the brothers James and Robert Freeman for their parents. Lovely!


Varying works performed by percussionist Dan Piccolo–different sounds and rhythms.

Robert Carl–White Heron

Mostly ominous, tense orchestral works, but also some lovely pieces. Play most!

Mark John McEncroe–Fanfare Suite

Boisterous, full-sounding orchestral works. The symphonic poems are quieter. Play!

American Ivory

All American composers solo piano pieces–contemporary and older eras, comparing and contrasting and finding similarities. Play!