The Armed – Ultrapop

Release date: April 16, 2021
Sargent House

I was doing work the other night and a song came up in one of my New Release playlists that immediately caught my attention. It sounded like Broken Social Scene teamed up with Converge and recorded an album during a pandemic while doing lots of Crossfit. The band was The Armed and I casually entered the name into Google, unaware that I was stumbling through a weird music nerd conspiracy theory wormhole. Was the band a clever marketing scheme without actual members? Did the band actually exist? Was the band actually a super-group (possibly including Andrew W.K. and Kurt Ballou)? As I went down this weird Google wormhole, I found some promo pictures and saw a familiar face. Urian Hackney (see: Rough Francis) played drums on Ultrapop! All Futures is unbelievably massive (possibly due to in part to the fact that no less than 8 individuals are credited on this album) and prominently features Hackney’s pummeling drum work. An Iteration is the first track I heard off the album. It’s more accessible than some of the other tracks. But even this track is accessible in an art-school kind of way. I really will be shocked if this track doesn’t totally blow up. One of the best rock/indie/metal tracks I’ve heard in the last 10 years. On Average Death, the band bounces to jittery art-pop. Faith in Medication is unrelenting screams, riff rampages, and incessant snares.

The Armed makes chaos sexy and somehow merges 15 different genres in a way that seems coherent and intentional. Check out this record.

Play: 2, 5, 7, 8 & 11

FCC: 2

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