Jess and the Ancient Ones- Vertigo

Jess and the Ancient OnesVertigo
Release date: 20210521
Label: Svart Records
Rating: 4/5

If you’re not familiar with Jess and the Ancient Ones, you will be after hearing this. Burning of the Velvet Fires kicks things off with melodic, mid-tempo beats. Talking Board is full of contagious guitar riffs set against mesmerizing vocals. I love the opening of Love Zombi and there is something to be said about a song that lures you on a ride. Born to Kill skews darker while What’s On Your Mind digs deeper into garage roots. Strange Earth Illusion incorporates parts of each track to create a rich tapestry of emotion. I’ve been following this band for years and they continue to create music that mesmerizes.

FCC: Check
Try: 3,4,6,8

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