Release date: 20210514
Label: Audible
Rating: 5/5

1976 is a collection of twelve tracks produced by Martin Goltermann. I decided to focus on the texture of tracks of interest because I’ve noticed that not many reviews go into depth like that. 2 conjures a country drive on a cold fall day, leaves scattering in the wind. 4 stirs up an image of the composition taking place, following along to each key stroke. 6 has a lot of peaks and valleys, stirring up emotion as it unfolds. 8 is overwhelmingly tranquil, making for a difficult journey. 10 feels like an upbeat recollection of sorts. 12 reminds me of why I’m drawn to the music from the 1970s, especially the pop and non-mainstream stuff. You may wonder why I’ve chosen only to review the even numbered tracks. They simply resonate more with me. I really enjoyed this album and I hope to explore texture in music in future reviews.

FCC: None
Try: 2,4,6,8,10

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