Robots of the Ancient World- Mystic Goddess

Robots of the Ancient WorldMystic Goddess
Release date: 20210521
Label: Small Stone
Rating: 5/5

Robots of the Ancient World hail from Portland, Oregon. Surprised I hadn’t heard of them until now. Mystic Goddess pops and hisses into a melodic soundscape. Wasteland throws in a touch of blues and reminds me of an Orchid track. Agua Caliente moves at a faster pace, dripping with desert riffs. Tracks that stand out include Unholy Trinity (piercing melancholic vocals) and MK Ultraviolence (sounds like a bit of d-beat in the intro) Lucifyre is a layered arrangement set to howling vocals, surely as evil as one would expect. Well worth listening to if you’re looking for something to lose yourself in.

FCC: Check
Try: ALL

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