Bongzilla- Weedsconsin

Release date: 20210420
Label: Heavy Psych Sounds
Rating: 5/5

Bongzilla return with their first brand new release since 2005’s Amerijuanican. Wonder what’s taken them so long?
Sundae Driver is dominated by thick, filthy riffs and much like the strain, hits right in the middle. Free The Weed plays like a slog through a swamp, echoing their older material. Space Rock slows the pace down further with a touch of melody. The Weedeater is a short trippy dirge that leads right into the sludgy plod of Earth Bong/Smoked/Mag’s Bags. Got munchies? Gummies should do the trick. This is the kind of album where you pack a bowl and tune out.

FCC: None that I know of
Try: ALL

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