Peggy Lee – Decca Rarities (UMG)

If you know Peggy Lee, you know what you’re getting, even if these are rarities: super soft, crooning light jazz from the 1950s, heavy on the harp glissandos. Think Perry Como and you’re halfway there. As a bonus, this collection avoids all nine (9) of Lee’s songs that have appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, so they’re truly deep cuts. Great for adding a little variety or a palate-cleanser to a heavily EDM or indie rock show!

10’s a challenge. 22 made me cry. 29 is kind of weird but could work if you lean into the surrealism, and 31 would be fabulous to end an evening show.

Groundbreaking? No. Wildly playable? Also no. Reviewed because I need to mark exactly one song on the album as New Music in order to make my quota for the week? Possibly.

FCC: Clean. (Come on.)

TRY: 1,7,14.

RIYL: Maxine Sullivan, Ethel Merman, Perry Como.

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