Enslaved – Utgard

Release date: October 2, 2020
Nuclear Blast

Enslaved has released their fifteenth record, Utgard. Talk about prolific. Although is full of brutality and devilish screams, Enslaved delves into atmospheric and progressive passages and captivating clean vocal hooks, making Utgard accessible to a broader audience. Fires in the Dark sets the tone for the record and evokes feelings of adventure and longing for the mythic. Jettegryta translates to “giant’s cauldron” and refers to a phenomenon in nature, where rivers/running water — over a long period — create an often cylindrical hole in solid rock. This track makes you think about what the world was like when it was emptier. Several of the guitar pieces would fit well on any progressive rock record and demonstrates the range of styles that are served up on Utgard. Homebound is about returning home after “going Viking”. Black metal roots are nurtured here but the clean vocals make this track a good starting place for the more casual metal listener. Another example of the variation in styles is Urjotun. Here the band goes full-on krautrock.

Play: 1, 2, 4, 6, 8

FCC: Clean

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