Elder- Omens


Elder- Omens
Release date: 2020Apr24
Label: Armageddon Label
Rating: 5/5

I’ve been spinning a lot of Elder lately in anticipation for this new release. Omens starts off with a spacey intro before delving into a soft layered tapestry of calming grooves. The doomy In Procession showcases urgent drumbeats complimented by a touch of blues in the bass. Halcyon plods gently through a lush, harmonious landscape with a depth of clicks, pops and fades. Embers is darker and uptempo with layers of rich noise. The press release mentions the use of Rhodes piano and synthesizers, which explains what I’m hearing better than I can. The soft keystrokes and cadence of One Light Retreating help to define the evolution of Elder, even through lineup changes. There’s just something oddly comforting about this album as a whole and that’s why I feel it’s one of the best of 2020, so far.

FCC: None
Try: ALL

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