Freeways- True Bearings


FreewaysTrue Bearings
Release date: 2020April04
Label: Temple of Mystery
Rating: 5/5

Freeways hail from Brampton, Ontario. Eternal Light, Eternal Night sets it off with a surefire guitar/bass attack. Sorrow (Was Her Name) stomps through the snow with pounding drums. The 1970s vibe is clearly alive here. True Bearings hits with an urgency, with a tactful use of melody. Dead Air brings haze-tinged riffs to the party. Battered & Bruised would fit in nicely on a Thin Lizzy record. Time Is No Excuse is a bluesy, slow rocker with an epic feel. Survival is yet another great track. I found a lot to love with this album and that’s why I gotta give a 5 out of 5. Check it out.

FCC: Check
Try: ALL
RIYL: Thin Lizzy, April Wine, UFO

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