Kirk Windstein – Dream in Motion


Release date: January 24, 2020
Label: Entertainment One

Crowbar vocalist and guitarist, Kirk Windstein has released a solo record. In fact, Dream in Motion sounds a lot like Crowbar but slower and darker. Windstein’s voice reminds me of the deep south, whiskey, and cigarettes. The title track is easily the best on the album, channeling darkness and and infectious hooks all at once. This album lacks the characteristic heaviness and monstrous riffs Crowbar fans are accustomed to. Unfortunately, the album can feel like an immense buildup without a payoff. The  album is carried along with mostly slow riffs, heavy drumbeats and the soul of the Windstein. The lyrics hit close to home. Toxic, in particular, seems to come from a very personal place. I dig the vocal harmonies and a catchy, driving riffs. Aqualung is a Jethro Tull cover and though it’s an interesting listen, it seems to clash with the dark ambiance that’s built throughout the record. 

Play: 1,4, 6, & 10

FCC: Clean

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