DEVON GILFILLIAN – Black Hole Rainbow // Capitol

From promoter: ” Nashville singer/songwriter Devon Gilfillian is giving R&B and soul a modern twist on his debut record Black Hole Rainbow. Born in Philly, Gilfillian first made a name for himself as the drummer and singer of Cafe Ole but relocated to Nashville in 2013 to find a community appreciative of his blend of social consciousness, rootsy melodies and soulful grooves. Gilfillian’s vocal performance on Black Hole Rainbow showcases the talent of the young singer balancing a mid ranged and smooth swagger with a more theatrical Curtis Mayfield-esque falsetto to add some extra flavor to the mood of the record. The music ranges from slow winding and ambient soul ballads to high octane funk rock tracks; showcasing the young performers ear for different genre tropes.. Black Hole Rainbow is a refreshing take on a timeless sound and a promising look into what Gilfillian has in store.” Play !!

Label: Capitol Records

Start with: 1,2,3,12

RIYL: The War and Treaty, Earl St. Clair, Anderson East, Son Little

FCC: #7


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