Child Bite- Blow Off The Omens

cover Child Bite - Blow Off The Omens

Child BiteBlow Off The Omens
Release date: 2019Nov22
Label: Housecore
Rating: 4/5

Long awaited fifth release from Child Bite and the first that I’ve listened to (I’m pathetic). Mock Ecstasy roars out the gate with fast, dirty guitar. Vexed Life catches my attention with a touch of dry desert licks. They All Look Away veers into catchy melodic hardcore. Only four songs in and they have quite the range. The Wrong Ones Breed plods along shouty vocals. Disposable Hysteria starts with tinny drums giving way to thundering drum work. No matter what you choose to call their sound, Child Bite will blow your fucking ears off. Check it out!

FCC: Check for profanity
Try: 1,3,4,6,8

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