Prong – Age of Defiance


Release date: November 29, 2019
Label: Steamhammer

Heavy metal legends, Prong, have released a new EP titled Age of Defiance. This EP is likely a teaser to tide fans over until they release their next full-length. The record includes two new tracks and three live tracks. The title track is pulsing stomp that is met with a hyper-infectious chorus that nudges up against sing-a-long status despite the simplicity of the riff. The second new track, titled End of Sanity starts with a mid-paced head-nodder of a riff and basically sticks to that pace the entire way through. The remaining live tracks were recorded in Berlin back in 2015. If you didn’t know they were live tracks, you’d never be able to tell. There’s zero in the way crowd noise/reaction and the recording itself is of high-end demo, if not studio album, quality.

Play: 1 & 2

FCC: Clean

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