THE SHIVAS – Dark Thoughts // Tender Loving Empire

Since 2006, Portland’s The Shiva’s have been churning out psychedelic, fuzzed out garage rock with an uncompromising dedication to D.I.Y. sensibilities.  Having honed and tightened their performances over the years without sacrificing the organic element of their live shows, The Shiva’s have matured into a project that is as raw and honest in studio as they are on stage. Their newest record, Dark Thoughts, brings a whole new dimension to the unfiltered catharsis that comes with each release by The Shivas. Tackling themes of trauma, depression and deeply rooted self insecurities, Dark Thoughts is visceral in every sense of the word, be it lyrically or in the bluesy riffs and dirges unleashed by the four-piece. Explosive and emotionally captivating, Dark Thoughts is as from the heart as it is awash in feedback.

Label: Tender Loving Empire

Start with: 1, 2, 5, 8

RIYL: Oh Sees, Tropical Fuck Storm, Together Pangea, Meatbodies


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