The Number 12 Looks Like You – Wild Gods


Release date: September 20, 2019
Label: Overlord Records

The fact that I listened to this band when they were in their prime dates me. It’s been a decade since we’ve heard new music from mathcore legends The Number Twelve Looks Like You, but Jesse Korman and company are back to melt faces. Last Laugher is prog-rock for hardcore kids. Ruin the Smile gets weird in the way that only The Number Twelve Looks Like You can. There’s something unsettling about Ease My Siamese but that’s kind of what you signed up for with this album. If you’re looking for the track that best summarizes the album listen of Of Fear. It plays like a brisk walk through an enchanted forest. Finally, the band succeeds in stripping away the frills and unleashes unmasked aggression on the closing track Rise Up Mountain. It’s enough to touch some special places in this scene kid’s heart.

Play: 2, 3, 4, 8 & 10

FCC: Clean

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