Professor Elemental – Professor Elemental and His Amazing Friends, Part 2 [Tea Sea]

An introspective, Brexit-free and darker Elemental offering, filled with thoughts about touring and growing as an artist, and with a strong theme of THE INTERNET IS TERRIBLE. Liked and Shared! Remixes of some well-tread favorites (and frankly “You Remind Me of the Hustle” needed an update, just possibly not… this one) cuddle up to a few new tracks heavy on commentary on the internet, and weirdly chastising the rapping mainstream. Lighter on the whimsy this time out. Still a welcome break from, well, all of this.

*gestures at all of this*

Label: Tea Sea Records

FCC: 2, 6 (but it’s the last word so you can leap on it)

Try: 4, 9, 10

RIYL: The Gentleman Rhymer, Steam Powered Giraffe, Voltaire, The Cog is Dead

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