Julia Nunes – UGHWOW [Rude Butler]

Holy lo-fi bedroom pop, Batman, a new Julia Nunes album! Musically mature while the lyrics are an internal monologue of feelings distilled down to a basic core. Lots of the non-traditional instruments Nunes is famous for (toy xylaphone, ukelele, kazoo) woven into the backgrounds. Very early twenties (she said, from twenty years on) and earnestly dark. Will totally fix many broken hearts when played late at night while cutting up photographs and drinking vodka straight from the freezer.

Label: Rude Butler Records

FCC: 3 (I’d just bleep it, it’s one word and the lyrics are online)

Start with: 1, 2, 5

RIYL: Pomplamoose, Mr Little Jeans, Pale Honey, Lucy Dacus

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