Full of Hell – Weeping Choir


Release date: May 17, 2019
Label: Relapse Records 

Full of Hell brings us a new album combining grindcore with death metal riffing. Burning Myrrh was the first single released off the album and the band takes themes of religion and hatred and sets them ablaze. On Haunted Arches, Full of Hell unleashes an insane mix of crushing drums and organized chaos. Thundering Hammers is overwhelmingly heavy and crushes you beneath its weight. Armory of Obsidian Glass demonstrates the bands disinterest in keeping with genre-specific song templates. This seven-minute odyssey begins with low-end drones that are reminiscent of Sunn O))) and finishes with familiar grindcore riffs. On Silmaril, the band tries to rip your head off in the most satisfying way possible. Weeping Choir sets itself apart from other grindcore records with the undercurrent of industrial sound that flows throughout this record. This sound is evident on Rainbow Coil and Angels Gather Here. Not my favorite tracks but still an interesting sound. Ygramul the Many evokes some melody beneath the brutality, if you listen closely. Unlike many records of this genre Weeping Choir surprises you in places and holds your attention. 

Listen to: 1, 2, 3, 7, & 10

FCC: None

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