Monthly Archives: April 2019

Giovanni Piacentini–Between Worlds

Excellent pieces for guitar, electronics, some flute–with Latin elements. Play! (trks 17 & 18 might be damaged).

Igor Raykhelson–Piano and Chamber Music Vol. 2

Gracious, contemporary works for strings and piano, some jazz elements! Play!

Voices of Earth and Air–Works for Chorus

Lovely, smooth choral works–track 4 with temple blocks, percussion. Play!

Hypothetical Islands

Varying works for reed quintet, ambient, flowing to staccato. Play or sample!

Bohuslav Martinu–Cello Sonatas

Three modern cello sonatas written from 1939 to 1952, showing compositional changes. Sonata  No. 3 is particularly interesting rhythmically! Play!


Idit Shner has commissioned these recent works for saxophone and piano, lilting and flowing. Play!


Fuego Saxophone Quartet performs these lyrical to very abstract works, even eerie, by Maslanka, Albright and Mettens. Play!

Tamara Konstantin–Reverie

Mostly sweet, melodic works for piano and chamber ensemble inspired by the English countryside–2 based on Bach or Beethoven, another on her family’s experiences during WWII. Play!

COURTNEY BARNETT – Everybody Here Hates You [Single] // Mom + Pop

Courtney Barnett’s new single “Everybody Here Hates You” is the closest Barnett has ever come to capturing the extraordinary weight and swagger of her live performance. This track features the most anthemic sing-along chorus Barnett ever conjured, with an extraordinary lead vocal which brings new strength and range to her unmistakable voice. The single is also the […]

Puppy – The Goat

Release date: January 25, 2019 Label: Spinefarm Records Juxtapositions. A skull, serpentine candle holders, a bone, incense, and crystals juxtaposed on a bright pink background. Never judge a book by it’s cover. Going in, I expected doom and sludge; however, Puppy delivers something much more surprising. Make no mistake, The Goat is metal. Many of the riffs on The Goat sound […]

KAREN O – Lux Prima // BMG

Karen O’s collabrative album “Lux Prima” with Danger Mouse transports listeners to a dreamlike state, with smooth sounds gliding together in perfect harmony. The album’s opens with the title track “Lux Prima”, which introduces the running theme of starting over present in each song on the record. Strong lyrics, and a great listen. Label: BMG […]

NORAH JONES – Begin Again // Capitol

Begin Again is a new album that plays with different styles of music including jazz and contemporary. Norah Jones has found a way to not pigeonhole herself into one particular genre which allows her to showcase her musicality. This album is a mix of lovely, heartfelt songwriting and smooth, hypnotic, jazz beats that make the […]

GLASSIO – Age of Experience // Dolphin Arcade

Electro-pop producer and singer, Glassio’s Age of Experience brings you right back to your favorite 80s rom-com. A mix of springy beats and smooth vocals makes for easy listening for any mood. As their first EP in 3 years, Glassio hits it out of the park with this one! Give it a listen! Label: Dolphin […]

SHANA CLEVELAND – Night of the Worm Moon // Hardly Art

Shana Cleveland, front woman of La Luz, puts out a great first solo album. A beautiful album of vocal and instrumental tracks that reminds you of star gazing on a summer night. The soft vocals and mostly acoustic beats by Shana give the album a haunting, mystical vibe and sound. The tracks flow into one […]

FRANKIE COSMOS – Haunted Items #4 // Sub Pop Records

In her fourth (and final) installment of her Haunted Items collective, Frankie Cosmos releases three final tracks. At no longer than two minutes each, Frankie delivers short melodic tunes about self-discovery and moving on. Each song builds from the last to tell the story, which is perfectly wrapped up in the album’s final track of […]


Do you ever find yourself saying, “That last part of the song was really good. I wish they kept that going”? Well 3 minutes and 23 seconds into the opening track EVER is your wish come true. That word “Forever” reaches crescendo, and slowly fades out on repeat over the next several minutes for maximum […]

Apparat – LP5 [Mute]

A lot has changed for the Berlin based musician since the release of his last studio album in 2013. His collaborative work as Moderat with members of Modeselektor has been a commercial and touring hit, in some ways eclipsing Apparat’s success as a solo artist. And while Moderat goes for big, arena filling kinetic dance […]

THE BABE RAINBOW – Morning Song [Single] // Century

Australian surf rock group The Babe Rainbow returns with a sweet single, Morning Song. Very mellow song with relaxed vocals, still upbeat and groovy. Give it a spin! Label: Century Records RIYL: Morgan Delt, Swim Mountain, Paul Cherry, Moses Gunn Collective FCC: Clean

GIUDA – E.V.A. // Burger Records

Meet Giuda: Italy’s premier exponents of insanely infections glam-tinged and gritty rock. Formed in 2007, these lysergic power-pop warriors have a decade of experience. Giuda are a band with proud and persistent roots in the glory days of garage rock and proto-metal. Nice vibey upbeat rock. Play! Label: Burger Records Start with: 1,3,9,10 RIYL: White […]

Guided By Voices–New Music for Baroque Cello

Elinor Frey performs a variety of new works, all interesting, especially those of Ken Ueno. Play!

William Brittelle–Spiritual America

Mix of rock, chorus, electronics and song, about America.

WEYES BLOOD – Titanic Rising // Sub Pop

“As Weyes Blood, however – a riff on Wise Blood, the title of Flannery O’Connor’s southern gothic classic – the 30-year-old has taken her instrument down some unexpected byways. On a track like Movies – the highlight of Titanic Rising, Mering’s fourth and most assured album – it gradually unfolds, first as an intimate, conversational […]

SEGO -Sego Sucks // Roll Call

“U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!” Not what one would expect to hear chanted vehemently from the members of an indie rock band in 2019… But Sego seems to get off on doing things one wouldn’t expect from an LA indie band today. Being proficient at their instruments instead of relying on computer tracks to play their new […]

Yes…It’s A Thing!–New Music for Flute and Guitar

Lovely, contemporary, world premiere recordings. Play!

To A Camia–Piano Music from Romantic Manila

Gracious works from late 1800’s  on through early 1900’s. Varying rhythmic styles. Play!