PANDA BEAR – Buoys // Domino Recording Ltd.

Returning to PERSON PITCH producer Rusty Santos, Noah Lennox’s latest record as Panda Bear bears little resemblance to his first. You’ll recognize the spaced out/headphones-friendly feeling, but BUOYS feels intentionally (and sometimes beautifully) sour. The sound palate seems intentionally limited—percussion is mostly provided by dripping/splashing/flowing water. Beyond that, Atari phaser sounds and a single reverbed out acoustic guitar are the only accompaniments to what is always the main attraction on a Panda Bear record—Lennox’s Brian Wilson-esque voice. This record is definitely a grower, but with repeated listens and an acceptance of the massive emptiness in each song (it’s unsettling at first), the simple beauty of the repetitive melodies unfolds.

Label: Domino Recording Ltd.

Start with: 1, 2, 3

RIYL: Animal Collective, Avey Tare, Atlas Sound

FCC: Clean


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