DIANE COFFEE – Internet Arms // Polyvinyl

Doing something a bit different than usual, Diane Coffee takes a turn toward the electronic on this album, which features a relaxed, digitized rock sound full of pulsing, driving beats. Coffee comments on the digital world and American life- everything from the abyss of the internet to capitalism and the working-class American- through a synthesis of pop, rock, and electronica. Most of the tracks have a distinct 80s synth vibe, giving some the feel of a cheesy ballad, and giving others a funky groove. Coffee’s vocals are often autotuned but much better when not. His voice oscillates between sounds of pop, raspy rock and roll, and sassy yelps reminiscent of David Byrne. The tracks, which incorporate powerful electronic harmonies and danceable instrumental breaks, are at times interspersed by nine to 20 second long sound clips of digital sounds, adding to the overall technological theme of the album.

Label: Polyvinyl

Start with: 1,9,10

RIYL: Foxygen, Whitney, Dumbo Gets Mad

FCC: 2,11

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