A Wake in Providence – The Blvck Sun/The Blood Moon


Release date: March 29, 2019
Label: Outerloop Records

Following a brief acoustic intro, A Wake in Providence go right to work.  This album is heavy. Like…really heavy. At times, The Blvck Sun/The Blood Moon pummels you like a ton of bricks with guttural growls and heavy break downs before shifting gears at break-neck speed to wraith-like shrieks and technical guitar work.  A Wake in Providence is deathcore, for fans of Whitechapel and Fit for an Autopsy and while the genre doesn’t typically inspire thinking outside of the box, this band is damn good at what they do. The band’s sophomore effort is better than any deathcore record released within the past five years. Impure is relentless and destructive. The Blvck Sun is heavy and technical but benefits from some clean vocals and synth that makes the atmosphere creepier and and foreboding.  The Blood Moon features C.J. McMahon from Thy Art is Murder and slows down for no one, destroying everything in it’s wake. Play now…

…but be careful playing this album after midnight…there’s enough Latin on this album to accidentally summon a demon.

Listen to: 3, 7, & 10

FCC: 2, 4, 5, 6, & 11

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