Sofia Kourtesis – Sofia Kourtesis // Studio Barnhus

Berlin-based Sofia Kourtesis, by of Lima, Peru makes her glimmering, crackling debut into modern dance music on Stockholm label Studio Barnhus. On her 4 track self-titled EP, Kourtesis scoffs at the self-important minimalism of Berlin’s techno bros to bring rich, fruit-filled dance music smothered in delicious melody held by sharp and patient drum work. The EP’s highlight, “Trains & Airports” combines a brief field recording of a Tokyo airport before delicate keys, snapping percussion and surging synths take flight, holding tension with a patience and self-assuredness emblematic of a masterful producer. By the time stomping basslines and subdued vocal chants emerge, the track has maintained an ecstasy that seems hard to top. Kourtesis then outdoes herself bringing in horns, marching band drum rolls, weaving every element into a peak summertime thrill that is both wild and poised. Essential club music, from a producer and Stockholm label that isn’t afraid of fun that can be as complex as it is effortless.

Label: Studio Barnhus

Start with: 2

RIYL: Kornél Kovács, Baba Stiltz

FCC: Clean

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