Skyharbor – Sunshine Dust


Release date: September 7, 2018
Label: Entertainment One U.S. 

Skyharbor blends progressive metal with emo and hardcore. Essentially the finished product sounds like Circa Survive and The Contortionist got together to record an album. If you’re into soaring vocals paired with the heavy riffs, you’ll dig this album. Dim kicks off the album and is my favorite track. The instrumentation is interesting without falling into the trap of repetition for the sake of repetition. Out of Time is another solid track with an uplifting vibe. If you’re into metal with clean vocals, Ethos is an excellent track to add to your playlist. Eric Emery’s vocals elevate and complement the band’s technical and chugging guitar riffs. Ugly Heart is also worth a listen and the infectious vocals are definitely a high point.

Although this album isn’t terrible, Skyharbor doesn’t bring anything new to the table and there are certainly low points on this record. For example, Dissent sounds like the band’s attempt to make a radio hit and almost feels like it made it on to the record by mistake.

FCC: None
Try: 2,3,7,8

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