Coheed and Cambria – The Unheavenly Creatures


I spent large chunks of my high school career listening to Coheed and Cambria so I was excited to hear that my generation’s Rush has released a new album accompanied by an 80-page graphic novel. This 79-minute epic is full of progressive ballad-y tracks that are vintage Coheed and Cambria. Each song is catchy and will have you singing along quickly; yet, each song is complex and technical. Start with the The Dark Sentencer. The track is a bit angrier than what I’m accustomed to from Coheed and Cambria…and I like it (there’s a clean version of this track that I’ll try to get added to the new music library). The title track, Unheavenly Creatures, is an ear worm that will be stuck in your head for days. The drum beat on Queen of the Dark will have you playing air drums along with Josh Eppard on this slow burner. True Ugly sees the band pick up the pace and play with a bit more fuzz and aggression. The Gutter is an excellent example of the sound that has garnered airplay for this band. They know how to write rock anthems that are sophisticated and complex enough that the prog-rockers can appreciate what’s happening. It Walks Among Us isn’t FCC-friendly and that’s a shame because it sure is catchy and worth a listen. Old Flames is catchy and somehow theatrical. I imagine it will be included in movie and TV soundtracks in the near future. All in all, a really good album.

FCC: 2,7,13
Try: 2,3,6,7,11,13,14

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