Pig Destroyer – Head Cage

pig-destroyer-head-cagePig Destroyer has been releasing quality grindcore for over 20 years. I remember listening to Phantom Limb in 2007 and thinking that they were loud and fast but walked away from the album generally underwhelmed.

Pig Destroyer still plays loud and fast and even warns on the opening track that they won’t be held responsible for any hearing loss that you experience as a result of listening to Head Cage. Though Head Cage hearkens back to previous releases, Head Cage is the first album that the band has played with a bassist. As a result, the band seems to have slowed their riffs and groove a bit more than they have on previous albums and the tracks are more elaborate than what we’re used to from Pig DestroyerTerminal Itch and Concrete Beast show off the band’s newfound ability to play low and slow and feature vocals from Katherine Katz of Agoraphobic Nosebleed. 

Despite notable growth over their 6 year hiatus, Pig Destroyer doesn’t totally abandon their tried and true formula. The Torture Fields reminds me of older albums but the guitar work is weird (in a good way) and less predictable. Mt. Skull is a signature track and checks in at just over a minute and a half. It’s is absolutely brutal. Play it.

FCC: 4
Try: 2,5,7,9

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