The Exploding Eyes Orchestra- II



The Exploding EyesII
Release date: 2018Oct05
Label: Svart Records
Rating: 4.5/5

Final album from the Exploding Eyes Orchestra, also comprised of members of Jess and the Ancient OnesThose of Us Left, overcome with grief and sorrow, lashing out with licks. Belladonna moves with grace, uplifting vocals. Harmain romps, mellow drumbeats and wistful bass. The Things You Do turn one inside out, “chiming” guitar/bass work to boot. The Birch and the Sparrow drones outward with thick thumps set to soft vocals. Go Go Johnny Do tugs at the heart with graceful riffs. Love Eternal until the end of time, floating out to sea. Fans of JATAO will enjoy this record.

FCC: None
Try: ALL

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