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The upcoming band The Sherlocks latest LP “Live For the Moment” is an exceptional alternative rock album that is reminiscent of the Arctic Monkeys and The Clash. However, the Sherlocks definitely have acquired their own niche with their creative lyrics and explosive instrumentation. The majority of the songs off of Live for The Moment are upbeat […]


Decent Criminals latest album “Bloom” is charged with the sound of California surf punk. Decent Criminal mashes catchy guitar riffs and pop elements with the raw elements of punk which give them their own separate sound. Any fan of punk rock, power-pop or alternative rock should find a song they enjoy on this album. FCC: 5 […]


Memory of a Cut Off Head is a laidback folky sounding project by OSC. Existential lyrics and drawn out string melodies through this album are bound to put the listener into a trance. A great album to relax and unwind to. FCC: Clean Try: 2,3,7


Black Magic Moments is a four-song Goth Country project. Airy vocals and darkly toned guitar riffs across each song give this project a dreary tone. This is a great small lo-fi style project, perfect to play on a rainy day or late at night. FCC: Clean Try: 1-4


Holy Moly & The Crackers new album Salem is a cohesive blend of dark lyrics and heavy instrumentation. Each song has a dark texture to it and the majority of the songs are upbeat and energetic. The combination of string instruments and organs alongside strong guitar riffs make this a truly unique album. Salem is […]

Empress- Reminiscence

Empress– Reminiscence Release date: 2018Feb12 Label: Self-released Rating: 5/5 Empess are comprised of members of Seer and Craters, inspired by obscure (to me) doom group Elder. The Offering is a wall of sound unto itself, raw and visceral. Immer projects eeriness flowing into thick bass hits. Baptizer is fucking killer, starting off with dank bass echo giving way to dirty […]

Jess and the Ancient Ones- The Horse and Other Weird Tales

Jess and the Ancient Ones– The Horse and Other Weird Tales Release date: 2017Dec01 Label: Svart Records Rating: 4.5/5 Jess and the Ancient Ones remain one of my favorite bands of the modern era. Death Is The Doors is complimented with  a kaleidoscope of garage-y rock. Shining is full of swagger, unbelievably catchy. I adore the […]

Kevin Kastning & Sandor Szabo–Ethereal I

Improvisations for piano, contra-stringed guitar and electric guitar. Meandering, as the title suggests, ethereal. Play!

Passages–Music for Flute & Horn

A diverse mix, modern or Romantic pieces.

Roberto Sierra–Works for Cello & Piano

Mostly intense, abstract works, some quite nice!

John Cage & Tom Johnson

Nice mix of pieces for all (or any!) instruements and one with voice counting. Johnson’s “Rational Melodies” are particularly striking. Play!


TROLL–S/T Release date: 2018Mar16 Label: Shadow Kingdom Rating: 4.5/5 Self-titled debut from Portland Oregon’s TROLL that reads like folklore. The Summoning/Troll brings a troll forth through the swamp, dredged by swampy hooks. Melodic sludge comes to mind on The Witch, leading into the muddy stomp of An Eternal Haunting. Infinite Death storms the gate with epic blues-tinged riffs, showcasing […]

Black Sabbath- The End: Live in Birmingham

Black Sabbath– The End: Live in Birmingham Release date: 2017Nov17 Label: Eagle Rock Entertainment Rating: 4/5 Recorded on February 4, 2017, this is the final live album from Black Sabbath and possibly their last release ever. It’s fitting that it was recorded in their hometown of Birmingham, UK. Honestly, every single track is amazing as it is […]

Electric Wizard – Wizard Bloody Wizard

Electric Wizard– Wizard Bloody Wizard Release date: 2017Nov11 Label: Rise Above Rating: 4/5 Electric Wizard return with their first new release since 2012’s Legalize Drugs & Murder EP. See You In Hell plods with foreboding vocals peppered with  sinister bass. Necromania is an up-tempo ode to fornicating with the deceased. How else to describe it? Hear The Sirens Scream […]


Sybarite5, a string quartet specializing in 21st century pieces, performs works by Dan Visconti, Andy Akiho and others. Play!


Beautiful, modern classical guitar, Brazilian and more with pieces by the guitarist, Jose Fernandez Bardesio. Play!

Nordic Noir

Mari Samuelsen and her brother Hakon have commissioned new works from Scandinavian composers. These are minimalist, quiet works. Play!

Keith Jarrett–Tales from Our Time

Acclaimed pianist Jarrett performs his own works, more classical than jazz, but a melding of the two.

Giacinto Scelsi–Music for Solo Cello

Keening, droning solo cello pieces, and interesting in their own abstract way. Play! All composed prior to 1974.

Neil Thornock–Cosmology

Ethereal, abstract, Impressionistic solo piano pieces. Play!

Georges Bizet–Piano Works

Romantic, bravura solo piano pieces, yet modern in sound. Play!

Leon Gurvitch–Poetic Whispers

Impressionistic piano pieces, some improvisations with a mix of works by the pianist and others. Play most!

Faure, Franck, Ravel & Poulenc

Cello and piano works by these Romantic, and Impressionist French composers. Play!

Brian Buch–From the River Flow the Stars

Very interesting contemporary, abstract string quartets, lots of sound changes. Play!

Piano Cubano

Modern pieces by Lecuona, Farinas and Alen–sprightly, gracious and lilting. Play!