Porter Ray – Watercolor (Clean)

I’m overcome with deep, raw, colorful, genuine vibes from this album. It touches every part of me. The storytelling, talks of demons, culture, loss, run-ins with the police, relationships… Dreams. Goals.

Porter Ray’s Watercolor is filled with dark, lush, colorful synth waves, slappy 808 drum patterns, and fat, grounding bass lines complementing the vocal cadences and rhyme schemes that fill the gaps, leading you through an honest, vulnerable breakdown of the Seattle rappers life and mindset.

From losing his friends and his brother because of senseless street violence, to self medicating and experimenting with drugs, having dreams of speaking to his father, all the way through speaking on relationship struggles, Porter is at the very least showcasing his conscious flow abilities.

In an off-kilter, psychedelic interlude, he even addresses the common denominator between all of us. We all die, feel pain, feel shame, want fame, and want love at the very core of our being.

From track 1, the wide, enveloping pads get you hooked & lost in the fog— literally enveloped. It starts off with a very dark, almost abandoned energy in the introduction, plucking at the topic of love— something each and every one of us can relate to. From there, the album takes an energetic climb. The “Obsession with the fast life.” Ray then goes on to wield his words in an effort to connect the dots between where he’s coming from and where he wants to be.

Getting to where he wants to be can’t be attained without struggle, including within his relationship. He speaks on cheating, breaking up, hooking up, getting distracted, yet always maintaining the pursuit of his inspiration.

This album is a must-listen for those who are into authentic, genuine storytelling. The beats are cohesive, & the message is clear—

Nothing worth having comes easy. But Life is beautiful.


RIYL – Nipsey Hussle, Vince Staples, Vic Mensa

PLAY – 3, 5, 12, 13

FCC – 10

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