The moment you hit ‘play’ on this album, you will instantly be captivated, in love, and blown away.

The sheer energy and musicality of the composition, production, arrangement, and musicians involved in this jazz record will have you appreciating every single moment. For some people, Mario Cruz doesn’t immediately ring any bells. However, if you appreciate live instrumentalism, smooth, fast jazz, or saxophones, this album is going to definitely change that for you!

A lot of folks who are already aware of Cruz as an instrumentalist still haven’t even experienced his work as a composer or arranger. His idea to “integrate different melodic motifs, with shared music qualities, and develop them into a unified composition” is a genius move that will have you paying attention to every curve and contour of the album. It leaves you no chance to become bored or tired, keeping you inspired and perplexed throughout experiencing the endless amounts of diversity contained in each number.

The 9-track album is packed with energetic and engaging modern instrumental jazz musicthe best you will have heard in a long time. It immediately takes you away to a peaceful zone — and audial cornucopia —where all you want to do is bob your head and try to catch the rhythm of the beat from track to track. The outro gives off the perfect feeling of decompression too. It’s not every day that you come across a spot on jazz record such as this one.

Very pleased!


RIYL – Thundercat, John Coltrane, Dr. Lonnie Smith


FCC – Clean

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