Electric Wizard – Wizard Bloody Wizard

Electric WizardWizard Bloody Wizard
Release date: 2017Nov11
Label: Rise Above
Rating: 4/5

Electric Wizard return with their first new release since 2012’s Legalize Drugs & Murder EP. See You In Hell plods with foreboding vocals peppered with  sinister bass. Necromania is an up-tempo ode to fornicating with the deceased. How else to describe it? Hear The Sirens Scream digs into your head until you can’t get it out, nefarious guitars, riffing over and over. Fear The Reaper as he creeps slowly, scythe in hand foreshadowed with dripping vocals. Mourning of the Magicians concludes this depraved slab of doom with echoes of unforgiving fiffs. Pay no heed to my description and listen for yourself.

FCC: Clean
Try: 1, 3,6


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