Monthly Archives: October 2017

Church Girls – Hidalgo [Self-Released]

Indie rock/post punk female led band from Philadelphia. The album has some haunting and dreamy tracks as well as strong harmonies and tight rhythms. Label: Self-Released Start w/ 1, 4, 7 FCC: Clean RIYL: Palehound, Adult Mom, Diet Cig

Motherfolk – Fold [Self Released]

Indie rock album with some pop and folk influences. By bending genres together this group has created a great album that should be on your list. Label: Self-Released Start w/ 1, 2, 5, 7, 8 FCC: Clean RIYL: Cold War Kids, The Ballroom Thieves, Say Anything, Rogue Wave

Walker Lukens – Tell It to the Judge [Modern Outsider]

Alternative rock with some acapella mixed in on a few tracks. Each track has some amazing and creative guitar and bass parts as well as great percussion. The album as a whole is a great listen. Label: Modern Outside Start w/ 1, 3, 8, 10 FCC: 11 RIYL: The Dip, The Black Keys, The Bright Light […]

Nine Inch Nails – Add Violence [The Null Corporation]

Industrial rock with a bit of an 80’s vibe on a few tracks. Many of the tracks feature great instrumental sections as well as infectious percussion. Label: The Null Corporation Start w/ 3, 5 FCC: 1 RIYL: Marylin Manson, Ministry, Filter, Deftones

Jaws of Love – Tasha Sits Close To The Piano [K-Rizzla Records/House Arrest]

Kelcey Ayer has been a vocalist for the band Local Natives for years, but now he has gone out on his own. Known as Jaws of Love, Ayer’s new indie rock album was instrumentally put together well and is a great listen. Label: K-Rizzla Records/House Arrest Start w/ 2, 4, 7 FCC: Clean RIYL: Local Natives, James, Blake, […]

Petits Artefacts

Varying solo bass works performed by Nick Photinos, including pieces by Lang, Ghys, Dessner & Le Boeuf amongst others. Play!


Contemporary pieces for bassoon and piano, some with oboe or clarinet accompaniment. Gracious!

Steve Mackey & Jason Treuting–Orpheus Unsung

Electric guitar and drums makes for a wild, yet surprisingly gentle at times, storytelling duet of Orpheus and his tragedy. Play!


Gantriis-Zimmermann Guitar Duo perform pieces from around the world and from different musical eras. Lovely!

Simplicity Itself

New Morse Code Duo (cello + percussion) perform a varied collection of contemporary pieces, both tense to sweet. Play!

Sean McConnell- “Undone” [Rounder]

I happen to know Sean McConnell is a Massachusetts native, because his father played at open mic nights at a local coffee shop I frequented in high school. Now moved on to bigger things, McConnell’s latest release from Nashville label Rounder is a gem if you’re into acoustic singer songwriter tunes with poignant story telling […]

Shigeto – The New Monday (Ghostly International)

How often can we judge an album by its’ cover? Mysterious. Familiar. Static. Change. Do these words evoke a particular place or musical genre? For Zach Saginaw’s third full length album The New Monday, it’s all about his hometown of Detroit. Jazz, techno, house, hip hop… a collage of the City’s musical culture glued for […]

Dreaming in Color

Contemporary pieces for flute and cello except for 1903 work from Angel Villoldo–sprightly, sweet, gracious. Play!

Kevin Kastning & Sandor Szabo–Invocation

Lovely improvisational pieces for classical guitar and extended string classical guitar. Play!

Brazilian Landscapes

Featuring recorder, guitar and percussion, some lovely Brazilian works, mostly modern. Play!

The Wild Reeds- “The World We Built” [Dualtone]

The Wild Reeds are a folk-rock group that has flown largely under my radar until recently. They fit well into the established indie americana ish genre that has been emerging, characterized by intense choral vocals and heavy instruments. Their new release is another solid album from the group, with a few standout radio tracks in […]

Antique Violence-Music of John Mackey

Contemporary pieces for wind, some with voice, ranging from wild, to sweet, even with Baroque elements. Quite a mix!

Kevin Kastning & Carl Clements–Even this late it happens

Really nice improvisational pieces for saxophone and many-stringed classical guitar. Play!

Diego Conti–String Quartets

A mix of quartets and movements–some quite busy and intense, others flowing and gracious. Play most!

Prism Quartet–Paradigm Lost

A collection of works by well-known composers (Adams, Yi, Read Thomas, amongst others, for sax quartet. Play most!

Larry Polansky–freeHorn

Electric guitar with other instruments (horns, piano cello). Play or sample!

Stephen Whittington–Windmill

A mix of pieces for string quartet, mostly quite accessible and modern!

Ileana Perez Velazquez–A Cascade of Light in a Resonant Universe

Contemporary pieces ranging from intense to others that are quite gracious, a mix of instruments and combinations. Play!

Grieves – Running Wild

This album is full of smooth lyrics and well sung hooks. The types of beats vary, some using real instruments over a beat made with a real drum kit, giving it an old-school sound. Other beats are more electronically produced and use a drum machine to make the drum track. The verses to the songs […]

Deer Tick – Vol. 1

This album has a warm, acoustic sound to it. There is a lot of focus on acoustic guitar, and most of the tracks have multiple guitar tracks layered on top of each other. The drums used are softer than most rock and roll kits, however they have an interesting sound. They sound different than a […]