Grieves – Running Wild

This album is full of smooth lyrics and well sung hooks. The types of beats vary, some using real instruments over a beat made with a real drum kit, giving it an old-school sound. Other beats are more electronically produced and use a drum machine to make the drum track. The verses to the songs are rapped at a medium/slow speed, and the chorus is usually sung with a soulful sound. While the lyrics aren’t too impressive in terms of rhyme scheme or message, they are catchy, smooth and occasionally clever nonetheless. There are swears in most of the songs, but the way they are censored is well done, and doesn’t take away from the lyrical flow at all. The songs have varying themes, with some being happy and chill, to others being darker and having themes of self-destructive habits. There are several features on the album as well, including a female singer and another rapper who trades verses with Greives.

PLAY: 1, 5, 7, 11, 15                         FCC: All clean except some songs say “ass” (1,4,5,10)                   RIYL: Atmosphere, Logic, Jacob ZL

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