Mount Kimbie- “Love What Survives”

Within a few seconds of listening to the first track, “Four Years and One Day,” I can already tell Mount Kimbie have reached a more mature and complex sound. Throughout this album, all traces of their original dubstep roots are gone and what’s left is a style verging on post-rock. This album is filled with incredible artist collabs: Micachu, King Krule, James Blake, and Andrea Balency. Although the duo is living continents apart no tracks seem chopped or forced together. This album is truly a sonic masterpiece. If Joy Division were making music today I imagine it would sound a lot like this album, and that is a huge compliment coming from me.

Label: Warp
Play: 1, 3, 4, 5, 11
FCC: 2
RIYL: SBTRKT, Only Real, Caribou, Joy Division.

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