Soccer Mommy – Collection [Fat Possum]

Gaining popularity from her Bandcamp bedroom recordings, Sophie Allison enlists a full band to prove that she intends her soft and angsty music to have more depth and character than her previous EPs with titles like songs from my bedroom and songs for the recently sad.

“chill but kinda sad”Soccer Mommy on Bandcamp

“She doesn’t overdo it. An occasional stab of synthesizer is the closest these songs come to pomp, and the production is still scruffy around the edges, hi-fi only by the standards of her early self-recordings. But the improved fidelity lets her words and voice come across clearer than they did from the bedroom, revealing how much more elegant Allison’s wordplay is than it can seem at first blush, and her gift for detailing conflict with the economy of a young adult novel. Every song introduces an untenable situation, with Allison stuck in a rut, questioning a relationship, or hung up on an unavailable crush.” Pitchfork

Label: Fat Possum
Start w/ 2, 3, 5
FCC: Clean
RIYL: Adult Mom, Hovvdy, Jay Som, Frankie Cosmos, (Sandy) Alex G, Cyberbully Mom Club

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