The Bob’s Burgers Music Album

Double-disc compilation of songs from one of the funniest animated sitcoms on TV right now. Many of these tracks are the little ditties that play over the end credits of the episodes, but also include some of the show’s musical numbers like “Electric Love” and “Bad Stuff Happens in the Bathroom”. There are also some bonus tracks at the end featuring covers of some of these songs by well known indie artists like St. Vincent, Stephen Merritt of The Magnetic Fields, and Matt Berninger of The National. Also has a lot of fun holiday songs if you’re looking to put together a Halloween, Christmas, or even Thanksgiving themed show.

Play: Disc 1: 16, 37, 43 Disc 2: 12, 45, 46, 47

FCC: No curse words, but a lot of toilet/sexual humor that probably won’t fly with FCC. Definitely do not play: 22, 27 and 45 on Disc 1 and be careful with others.

RIYL: Family Guy, The Simpsons

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