King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Murder of the Universe [ATO]

Murder Of The Universe is the new collection by head-bending psychedelicists with a weird but fitting band name. It’s a face-melting musical assault concerned with the downfall of man, the death of the planet, and of course the murder of the whole universe. Take it from the crew over at Pitchfork and their 8.0 review:

“Murder of the Universe’s motorik-punk momentum whisks the band through interlocking sections as if they were levels in a video game. It veers into stylistic netherworlds (prog-jazz contortions, bluesy harmonica blowouts, synth-funk breakdowns) like secret bonus coin zones en route toward explosive, boss-match-style climaxes that serve as resets for the album’s recurring melodic motifs. And King Gizzard do it so often and seamlessly that even a colossal nine-section piece like “Chapter 1: The Tale of the Altered Beast” eventually acquires the instant familiarity of a three-minute pop song.” – 

King Gizzard have promised five new albums in 2017, of which Murder of the Universe is the second. I’m excited to see where they’re headed with the next one, to say the least.

Label: ATO
Play: Start with #17 “Digital Black”. If you’re feeling adventurous go with #1 “A New World” (0:57) into #2 “Altered Beast” (2:24) and work your way from there.
FCC: Clean
RIYL: Ty Segall, Black Lips, The Black Angels, Meatbodies, The Murlocs


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