Fleet Foxes – Crack-up [Nonesuch]

“Robin Pecknold’s songwriting retreats inward while around him dense folk compositions rise and fall on a massive scale…

…While Fleet Foxes’ music has grown increasingly more complex and less crowd-pleasing, Pecknold’s personal trajectory has strangely aged in reverse—the old-soul serenity of Fleet Foxes gave way to the post-grad anxieties of Helplessness Blues, and now we have Crack-Up, which does not present recent Columbia enrollee Robin Pecknold in the most flattering light. But there’s a textured humanity in place of the assumed and implacable scare-quotes authenticity that served as Fleet Foxes’ personality prior. Crack-Up contains his most compelling writing to date because it’s so damn relatable in 2017—reacting and retreating inwards as people and institutions fail to meet the standards set in one’s head.” – Pitchfork: Best New Music (8.7)

“Crack-Up unites a dazzling array of material under Pecknold’s voice. It’s the sound of a remarkably talented musician and writer exploring the conflicts within him and those that animate the outside world, and finding that many of them look the same.” – Review: Fleet Foxes’ Crack-Up Is a Successfully Daring Step Forward

Label: Nonesuch
Play: 3, 6, 9, 10
FCC: Clean
RIYL: Father John Misty, Iron & Wine, Grizzly Bear, Cass McCombs, Sufjan Stevens


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