Unearthly Trance- Stalking the Ghost

Unearthly TranceStalking The Ghost
Release date: 2017Feb24
Label: Relapse
Rating: 5/5

Two words come to mind: night terrors. Into The Spiral dominates, acidic drumbeats, searing every inch of your being. Dream State Arsenal like a hellwolf, plodding with cavernous bass, encrusted drums. Famine drones into existence with lethargic licks. Lion Strength conjures thoughts of Saint Vitus, droning to a finish. The Great Cauldron, full with sludge, coats the soul with bleakness. In The Forests Keep towers at an organic, melodic pace. Listen with one eye open. A top pick of 2017.

FCC: None
Try: 2,5,7


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