Minus the Bear – VOIDS

VOIDS is the latest album from indie progressive rock band Minus the Bear who have built a large following over their 15+ year career with a series of diverse albums. This album is somewhat of a return to the sound of their best albums Menos El Oso and Planet of Ice, but feels a bit watered down in comparison. Has a more guitar-centric and less electronic sound compared to their last couple of albums. Early singles “Last Kiss” and “Invisible” have a straight forward, radio-friendly sound while mid-album highlights “Silver” and “Tame Beasts” are two of the more exciting and ambitious tracks on the album. This album takes a few listens to really get into (I was disappointed on first listen) but once you’re there you’ll find much to enjoy if you’re a fan of Minus the Bear.

Play: 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9

FCC Clean

RIYL: TTNG, Mew, American Football, Pinback, Portugal. The Man, The Velvet Teen

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