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Elegy & Blues

3 diverging pieces by modern composers–Musto’s lovely!

Spagegoat- Superstition

Spacegoat– Superstition Release date: 2016Dec15 Label: Self-released Rating: 4.5/5 Monterrey, Mexico’s Spacegoat return with a new full-length. Their debut EP was a top pick of mine. “Doomensional” sets the mood with psychedelic doom riffage. “Transmuta” is a mid-paced bluesy stomper. “Superstition” is a favorite with its’ trance-y licks mated to somber vocals. There’s a strong Black Sabbath […]

Dawnbringer- XX

Dawnbringer– XX Release date: 2016Dec23 Label: Ektro Rating: 3.5/5 Dawnbringer recently split-up, which is a disappointment as I was a fan of Into The Lair of the Sun God and have yet to listen to the follow-up to that. “Why Would You Leave Me” opens on  soft note, seguing “Into The Maze”, which offers dark, […]

music to draw to: satellite

kid koala’s new album, “music to draw to: satellite” is the perfect mellow record to get you through winter. mellow, dreamy, and out of this world — seriously, he created an ambient electronic sound that was inspired by the planning to go to Mars. best thing about it is that he teamed up with Emiliana […]

Ethiopiques 30 – Mistakes on Purpose (Buda)

Girma Bèyènè was an Ethiopian singer, lyricist, arranger, & musical legend in the 1960s-70s. Following the ascension of Stalinist dictator Mengistu Haylè-Maryam after a 1974 coup, Girma looked for a way out of Ethiopia. During a 1981 tour in the U.S. with his Walias band, six of the band members slipped away and remained in […]

Lo-Pan- In Tensions

Lo-Pan- In Tensions Release date: 2017Jan13 Label: Aqualamb Rating: 4.5/5 Lo-Pan return from Columbus, Ohio with this excellent EP.”Go West” is quick and dirty with light sludge licks. “Long Live the King” evokes early-QOTSA with infectious hooks. “Pathfinder” soars over the rest with soft melodies giving way to a sonic attack. I admit, it’s not […]

Gabriella Ghermandi – Ethiopia (ARC)

This Ethiopian vocalist & composer has created richly evocative Ethiopian fusion featuring many regional instruments in performances using traditional anchihoye, bati, & ambassel pentatonic scales; the latter often used in songs celebrating historical events as this CD does. The theme of the recording is a salute to the Victorian era Emperor Atse Tewodros II, who […]

The Nile Project – Jinja (self-released)

Second in a series of wonderful collaborations between musicians from diverse ethnic groups living (or formerly living) along the Nile River & its watershed (includes musicians from Burundi, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, and Uganda). Features original compositions conceived at a gathering in Jinja, Uganda (hence the title) for a project aimed at education, regional […]

Japanese Wallpaper-Japanese Wallpaper

Artist Japanese Wallpaper’s self-titled debut album contains six tracks titles and a total of 16 tracks with remixes. The music has an Ambient Dance vibe to it with soulful R&B vocals from several different artists. The music has a champagne feel to it ethereal yet bubbly. A Solid debut from this young artist. RIYD: Washed […]

Izo FitzRoy-Here I come/Hope You Can Wait

Here I come/Hope You Can Wait are singles from Izo FitzRoy. The original tracks are Blues based and the remixes have a Disco Dance vibe. I’m not into Blues that much but I can dig the remixes. RIYD: Tedeschi Trucks Band, Kraak and Smaak Tracks: 3,4,7,8

Kaiser Chiefs- Stay Together

This indie rock band from England is shooting for the Pop Moon with this is upbeat synth heavy entry. Though nothing hugely unique, most of the songs are catchy, dance-able, and clean.

Children’s World

A collection of piano works inspired by childhood, by composers from different eras and world regions.

Steven Stucky–American Muse

Dramatic orchestral works with strident elements and lyricism.

Hans Bakker & Peter Greve–Lines to Infinity

Nice contemporary works for flute, other winds, piano and/or cello. Play most!

Wolf People – Ruins (Jagjaguwar)

Bluesy psychedelic rock, heavily inspired by krautrock and Black Sabbath.  Energetic and rhythmic, lots of guitar solos.  Couple jam tracks such as “King Fisher.”  Similar to Cream and Jethro Tull.  All songs are clean and decent.

Summer Underground – More Than a Friend, Less Than a Lover (Self-Released)

Soft spoken vocals and understated piano and guitar.  Pretty lyric driven.  Calm and nostalgic. Similar to Sufjan Stevens, Beirut, Andrew Bird. All songs are clean and all decent.  “I Run Away” was my personal favorite.

Luciferian Light Orchestra- Black EP

Luciferian Light Orchestra– Black EP Release date: 2016Dec09 Label: Svart Records Rating: 5/5 Fans of Therion might be familiar with vocalist Christofer Johnsson and his newest project, the Lucifierian Light Orchestra.  I was blown away the first time I heard this and it’s taken me a while to put my thoughts to a page. “Evil Masquerade” greets with dark, […]

Ali Dineen – Light Comes In

Second release from Brooklyn based artist Ali Dineen. Beautiful folk with well crafted harmonies and delicate vocals. Influences range from traditional american and celtic folk music to the singer-songwriters of the 60s and 70s to the Beatles. Listen on a sunny Sunday morning. RIYL: Vashti Bunyan, Emmy Lou Harris, Mountain Man, The Beatles. Play: 3,4,6 […]

Captain Crimson- Remind

Captain Crimson– Remind Release date: 2016Oct14 Label: Small Stone Rating: 4/5 This is not the first time that I’ve reviewed anything from Captain Crimson (2012’s Dancing Madly Backwards was excellent). Remind has a lot of offer, starting with “Bells from the Underground”, which rolls with dripping grunge-lite hooks and catchy tempos. “Love Street” is full of bluesy […]

Made In Iceland Vol 8 – Various Artists

This is a cool collection of various artists from Iceland. The album as a whole tends towards the electronic side, generally pretty accessible stuff, with some songs being quite poppy and others more avant-garde, even bordering on ambient. Even a bluesy tune in here (#6)! Another song sounds Bjorkish – unsurprising due to their shared […]

Devils Garden/Angels Landing

Lovely, contemporary works for marimba and saxophone. Play most!

Claudio Ambrosini–Song Book for Guitar

Very abstract works for solo guitar, interesting mix of rhythms. Most pieces under 3 mins. long.

Jane O’Leary–The Passing Sound of Forever

A mix of contemporary abstract works, some abrupt and loud, others quiet, for duos and quartet (flute, harp, strings, piano. Play most!

Sacred Expressions–20th Century Music for Organ

Religiously inspired works, modern and contemporary. Messaien’s gracious.

Gyorgy Ligeti–Piano Concerto

Very abstract pieces ranging from droning to staccato, an interesting variable mix of pieces for solo cello (trk 1 very slow start), ensemble, orchestra and piano.