Nordic Passage- Steven Rushingwind and Age Reite

d6ea41_eca5007743ad4633964b4ad2aa140d7fmv2_d_1260_1280_s_2-jpg_srz_356_362_85_22_0-50_1-20_0Beautiful instrumental with Steven Rushingwind and friend Age Reite.  Steven interviewed on Moccasin Tracks worked on this for a few years with Age.  His flute playing is beautiful with piano ( track one) and other instruments: drums, sax on Happy Moccasins tracks and vocables are heard.  enjoy and play all!  (  Steven is a multi- award winning flute player and is enjoying working with a dance band for a CD release in 2017.  Also in the WRUV collection are the work with Michael Mucklow (electric guitar) and his solo , Red Beaten Path.


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