Boxed In – Melt

Melt is the second album from Boxed In, the British band led by singer/producer Oli Bayston. This album expands on their blend of dance rock and electronic, piano driven indie pop. But Melt is much less of a solo project than the first album, bringing the other three band members into the composition of these songs. Lead single “Jist” is a heavily electronic, robotic sounding dance track that has clear Kraftwerk influences, and the following track “Shadowboxing” has a similar feel to “Run Quicker”, one of the best songs off their first album, but really pushes that sound further. Their label, Nettwerk, typically releases albums from artists whose music is very pleasant but doesn’t do anything new, but Boxed In are an exception, presenting a unique and forward-thinking sound in a genre that other artists have explored. Boxed In are a band to watch, they are starting to become quite popular in their home country and could definitely become more popular over here, possibly even becoming a worthy successor to LCD Soundsystem.

Play: 2, 3, 4, 6, 9

FCC: 10

RIYL: Bloc Party, LCD Soundsystem, Sego, Hot Chip, Cut Copy


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