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Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – “Skeleton Tree”

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds have gone over many sonic changes throughout the years. When they first formed in 1984, they had a distinct post-punk sound, but have since shifted to a more alternative sound that is very distinct. On their 2013 album Push the Sky Away, the band got far more depressing, and the sound […]

LVL UP – “Return to Love”

The good people over at Sub Pop Records sent us the new LVL UP album just in the knick of time before their show at ArtsRiot with Eskimeux on the 22nd (that I cannot attend because I will be at Denzel Curry), but listening to this album makes me wish I can be in multiple […]

Wilco – “Schmilco”

If you have never heard of Wilco at least once in your life, then I do not know how you even wound up at this radio station to be honest. They are legends, and are a band who needs no introduction. They have consistently released quality music since they have been around, and this album […]

Preoccupations – “Preoccupations”

If you aren’t familiar with the band Preoccupations, you may be familiar with what they were formerly known as, and that is Viet Cong. And before Viet Cong was Viet Cong, most of the members were part of the band Women, so the guys in these bands have had a lot of history together, and […]

Grouplove – “Big Mess”

I have been a huge proponent of Grouplove ever since 2011 when they dropped their debut album Never Trust a Happy Song, and unfortunately I have missed the chance to see these guys in concert on two separate occasions (and one of those was when they were opening for Young the Giant) so hopefully I will […]

Fences – “To the Tall Trembling Trees”

My first taste of Fences came back in either 2011 or 2012 when he was featured on a Macklemore track, and although I never delved deeply into his catalog of music, I always thought he was a very talented singer, so I was excited to give this new EP a listen. There isn’t too much […]

Dawes – “We’re All Gonna Die”

I was particularly happy to receive the new Dawes album in the mail, mainly because I had no idea that they were even releasing an album this year, so it for sure was a pleasant surprise for me. I love every record these guys release, and I didn’t think they would be able to top […]

Drugdealer – “The End of Comedy”

Drugdealer is the pseudonym of Los Angeles based artist Michael Collins, and his latest album The End of Comedy is sonically a lot different than his previous efforts. A lot of this album features somber piano ballads with a hint of psych-folk, and wonderful orchestral arrangements. Not to mention there are a lot of fantastic collaborators […]

Twin Atlantic – “GLA”

Back in the day, Twin Atlantic used to be one of my all time favorite bands. Their first two albums Vivarium and Free are both albums that I hold very deeply to my heart, and I reflect a lot on when I listen to them these days. I wasn’t too impressed with their last album, but GLA sees the band having […]

Local Natives – “Sunlit Youth”

Local Natives are an indie-rock band hailing from California, and I was highly anticipating the release of this album. Local Natives have always been a band that I think has released consistent musical output, and this latest record of their’s is no exception. Compared to their previous releases, Sunlit Youth sees the group utilizing synths in their […]

The Head and the Heart – “Signs of Light”

If you are wondering where have you heard these guys names before, it’s because they played a concert in Jefford’s parking lot last year for UVM’s SpringFest, so it only makes sense that they would send the UVM radio their latest album. Although I don’t personally like this album as much as the group’s previous […]

clipping. – “Splendor & Misery”

Now this is an album I did not expect to get at the station, but I was very excited to receive. clipping. is an experimental hip-hop trio who is fronted by the Tony Award winning actor (for his role in Hamilton) Daveed Diggs. Daveed’s work in musicals may have inspired his creativity, because Splendor & Misery is the […]

Bastille – “Wild World”

Bastille is a British indie-pop band that has really blown up since their debut album Bad Blood. I was never the biggest fan of these guys, but I managed to catch them live at Osheaga this Summer, and they were fantastic, so I thought I should give their new album a listen, and it’s honestly pretty great! […]

Angel Olsen – “My Woman”

Angel Olson is an indie-folk singer from St. Louis, Missouri and her last album Burn Your Fire For No Witness was one of my favorites to come out in 2013, so I didn’t think that she would be able to top it this time around, but man was I wrong. My Woman sees Olsen’s wonderful voice front and center, […]


Classical guitarist Thibaut Garcia performs mostly well-known works from Spanish and Latin American composers: Albeniz, de Falla, Piazzolla, Tarrega and others. Gracious!

Robert Dick–Our Cells Know

Avant-garde works for contrabass flute–wandering, breathing, percussive beats. Mostly languid and slow, but with rhythmic changes. Play most!

The Universal Flute

Ethereal, gracious works by Cowll, Matsumara, Brown and others for Asian instruments. Trk 5 with voice is faster. Play most! Suitable for world programming.

Water Is Life II- various artists

Continuing support for the Oceti Sakowin this CD is another compilation from 17  indigenous artists produced by Native American Music Awards (.com)  Some of this year’s winners are included Mackenzies Raid, Best Historical and We are All Connected by Sue Straw, best spoken word and Woman of Heart won an award for best traditional.  supporting […]

Water Is Life I- Various Artists

In this CD produced by Native American Music Awards 16 artists contribute to this CD called Water Is Life I.  Inspired to contribute to the Oceti Sakowin and their stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline that would bring crude oil under the Missouri River,water Protectors are included in this CD as well as NAMMY 2016  […]


Spazieren is a single from Abstraxion. The disc contains six tracks, an original edit plus five remixes. The original edit has a mellow Ambient vibe and there’s a good variety of Electronica genres on the remixes Tracks: All Good

Steve Bug-Rexology

Rexology is a four track EP from Steve Bug. The Ep contains three versions of the track What’s Happened and the track Berlinian Rexing. The tracks are mix of Minimal Techno, Techno House, Acid and Dub. The tracks are hypnotic and draw you right in with steady pounding beats. Tracks: All Good


Zomby’s latest released which is on the Hyperdub label is titled Ultra. The music is a mix of Bass Music, UK Grime, and Garage. Hyperdub stalwart Burial as well as Banshee, Darkstar and Rezzett make appearances. Overall not a bad album but it seems Zomby never quite reaches his full potential. Tracks: All Good except […]

Manatee Commune-Manatee Commune

Manatee Commune’s latest self-titled album is a chill yet upbeat Ambient Dance vibe with some good R&B Vocals mixed in. RIYD: Bonobo Tracks: All Good

Symbion Project-Arcadian

Arcadian is the eighth album from Symbion Project. The album has been describes as “a densely layered album touching on electronic-based, beat-driven song structures that draw circles around the world’s more melancholy realities.” The album is a little gloomy but the tracks are lush and lure you in. RIYD: Ladyfrnd Tracks: 1,2,4,5,7

July Talk – “Touch”

July Talk is a band hailing from Toronto, and my first exposure came to them in 2014 when I caught the first two songs of their set at Osheaga. I didn’t stay around too long because I was in a hurry to head to the Green Stage to get a good spot for Pusha T’s […]